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15-day racing program with assured benefits for competitors

New York, NY, April 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As NFT and blockchain games improve every day in terms of competitiveness, gameplay and interactivity, Esports is also gaining popularity among gaming enthusiasts. traditional. In keeping with the trend, developers of real-time strategy game WarSindia released a 15-day racing schedule on March 28. The 15-day racing program will serve as WarSindia’s EsportsFi early launch program. The winner of the program is eligible to receive whitelisted rewards, although only whitelisted users can qualify for NFT Army Box presales. These boxes contain rare items in WarSindia games, and there will be the only way to get them during the presale event. Additionally, 5,000 USDT will go to the winners of this contest. 1 person will win 1000 USDT, 4 people will win 500 USDT each and 10 people will win 200 USDT each.


WarSindia aims to promote the development of the Esports channel game through practical actions and research. WarSindia, the first real-time strategy GameFi that integrates NFT hero cards with PVP battles, is also the first blockchain gaming ecosystem with EsportsFi.

WarSindia is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) blockchain RPG game. Real-time strategy requires the player to develop and improve offensive and defensive tactics to ensure victory over others. It endowed the game with competition and interaction in nature. WarSindia deeply integrates GameFi, Esports, NFT and DeFi to create a new value paradigm.

At the beginning of the development of WarSindia, to establish a meta-cosmic ecosystem including the guild system, an Esports social platform and a streamer reward system were developed. A larger prize pool will be set up to attract professional game streamers and well-known franchisors from around the world. In turn, WarSindia will invest 90% of its revenue in rewards for WarSindia game Esports events and subsequent game development worldwide.

In order to establish more influence and ensure greater customer traction, WarSindia will build a variety of merchandise. WarSindia is preparing everything to discuss a strategic partnership with well-known streaming and production companies like Netflix, SYFY, CW to prepare WarSindia-themed anime series. In addition to this, 15 famous novelists from various backgrounds are creating related novels for WarSindia. Also, another famous band from Ireland is making an exclusive MV for WarSindia.

WarSindia is an NFT game that allows players to collect land and heroes to build aerial fortresses while fighting and defending the territorial borders of the Sindia continent. As a leader in the NFT gaming space, WarSindia introduced the concept of complete ownership of game assets.

The player needs to collect the land to build the land with the unique landforms, while he will place the game heroes and buildings on this land. For Beta Vision, there are four types of land, including Frozen Ground, Hot Ground, Steel Bars, and Ordinary Ground.

Players can build the defense towers on the four lands mentioned above to fight and defend the territorial borders such as arrow towers, laser towers, magic towers, shield towers and reconnaissance towers. In addition to tower defense, players also have to choose between barrack types (Fighters, Rangers, Defenders, etc.). The player fights and defends territorial borders. However, if the barracks have been destroyed, they will not be recovered for an entire game.

In addition, four types of heroes must be chosen in the game: Tank, Attacker, Supporter, Conqueror. Each hero will be different in their ability to attack and defend. In each game, the player must select three out of six hero deployments and deploy a key commander to lead the game (three from the Revolutionary and three from the Crusader army). In general, each match will last two to five minutes.

As such, the game mechanic of WarSindia requires effective and precise strategy during gameplay. Since the early deployment of troops, it will directly determine the outcome of a game. Therefore, professional WarSindia players are likely to defeat “krypton gold” players through strategy. Based on the game’s algorithm, WarSindia focused more on the amusement of players, which will help WarSindia build a more reasonable client level system.

Additionally, WarSindia pioneered Custom Editor, which allows players to customize in-game elements such as maps, and NFT other players to further enrich the game through player’s creativity. . The map editor is also an embodiment of user asset creation, User Generated Assets (UGA) value, and a revenue pipeline for those creators.

In most cases, the weapon comes from the “Army Box” treasure chest. The Army Box is divided into Premium Army Box and Common Army Box, which contains 400,000 advanced Army Boxes, 200k premium Boxes and 200k commons in total. The 12 Rare and exclusive Ancient Artifacts cards are hidden in the Premium Army Box, and the 12 Unique Amber Hammer cards are hidden in the Common Army Box. These NFT boxes will be ‌used for gameplay or to further equip the front hero, especially when players obtain the “Epic” weapon, which will greatly empower their hero. In addition, these NFTs will be tradable and interchangeable on the market. It is currently supported by Ethereum, Avalanche C-Chain, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Army Boxes are only available in the “presale” phase. If the player wants to get these items from the boxes, they can only buy them from the NFT market, which is usually more expensive. However, the number of Army Boxes in the Whitelist presale event was limited, and the event only lasts for 15 days. There will be a special gift worth thousands of dollars for random lucky participants.

From a macro perspective, WarSindia is promoting the Esports of the NFT game and based on that, helping more commercial and traditional gaming organizations to enter the market. It will be one small step for WarSindia, one giant leap for the GameFi industry.


WarSindia is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) blockchain RPG game.






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