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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes features a series of maps for players to explore and conquer. Here’s how to identify all the symbols on it.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes brings a variety of new maps to conquer, and understanding the many icons plays an important role. It combines weapons, tactics and abilities familiar to the fire emblem series but on Warriors maps and battlefields. These cards all come with a long list of symbols and icons to help you track all actions and use different strategies.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the new spin-off based on the popular Fire Emblem: Three Houses. fire emblem uses maps from the beginning of the series for storytelling purposes, guiding the player through each level. However, three hopes arguably uses maps more than any other entry in the fire emblem series. The cards here not only serve the previously mentioned purposes, but several new ones.


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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes brings dozens of different maps that all play a vital role in the game. There are two types of maps to focus on, the war map and the quest maps. Each comes with its own set of iconography depicting characters, items, missions, and an indication of which side has power over the area. Keeping all of these symbols in mind will help players keep track of all their soldiers and strategize for victory in FE Warriors: three hopefuls.

Understanding the Different Map Icons in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

The war map is what the player looks at to decide what quest they want to do next and gather resources. As the player progresses through Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, they unlock small territories through side quests leading to the main chapter quest. Each time a player completes a side quest, the territory opens survey points in that region. Players can then visit these locations to earn resources, such as money, items, battle tactics, chances to build supports, and materials used to expand their base camp facilities.

  • Side quests – Indicated by a small silver tower with a blue center. Missions leading to the main quest.
  • Main Quests – A large golden tower with a red center. Completing this quest will end the chapter of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopesso be sure to complete the side quests and gather all the resources first.
  • blue regions – Blue regions are areas that the player has unlocked by completing side quests. Survey points will be available to collect resources once the area turns blue.
  • Red regions – Enemy regions that have an incomplete quest on them.
  • Survey points – A variety of locations such as houses, tents, caves, fortresses, springs, etc. Each is a place where the player can earn different types of resources.
  • Anna’s shop – Represented by a sprite of the red-haired ponytail seller with the silhouette of a figure hovering above a survey point. Visiting the survey location will bring Anna to the camp and she will set up a shop full of rare items.
  • To block – A gray padlock hovering over the survey points means that the player must complete certain conditions, like fulfilling others three hopes quests, until they can use it.
  • Additional quests – Indicated by red crossed swords with a counter number next to them. These are chances to win extra rewards, but the player must reach it before the counter reaches zero.

Quest Map Icons in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Quest maps are the battlegrounds for side or main quests. Many of these icons are colored to indicate which army they belong to. For example, blue indicates the player’s army and red indicates the enemy’s. Green is the allied army, which will assist the player and will often be involved in escort missions. Finally, there is yellow, representing a third party unaffiliated with either side who will attack the player.

  • Points – Generals. The color of the dots indicates which side they are on.
  • character sprites – Similar to dots, but when the player is looking at the map while zooming. These represent the player’s units, enemies and allies, a type of fire emblem class as Pegasus Knight or Armored Soldier.
  • Pedestals – Bases are small spawn points that create soldiers for the side that controls that specific base. Each has a captain, and when an enemy is defeated, it will be replaced by a new one from the player’s side. This will spawn more soldiers to help the player.
  • Strongholds – Represented by a colorful castle icon in the center of a large enclosed space. Each fortress has a captain who will return that fortress to the conquering side if defeated.
  • crowns – If a soldier is represented by a crown and has a crown next to his name, it means that he is part of a mission. Typically, if it’s a red crown, it’s an enemy the player must defeat to complete the mission. If it is green, it is an ally that the player must keep alive.
  • Jars – Represented on the map as tiny pots of different colors with a white horizontal stripe down the center. Breaking the pots yields a different reward depending on their color. Red drops gold, green drops health, etc.
  • Treasure Chests – The trunk location can only be unlocked with a key.
  • Keys – A small black key icon will float next to the enemy holding it. Defeat this enemy and the key will be added to the player’s inventory, and they can unlock the treasure chest.
  • wings and Arrows – Wings next to arrows pointing in opposite directions indicate a route that only flying units, such as Pegasus Knights and Wyvern Riders, can take.
  • x roses – An X indicates an impassable zone. These areas can be opened in different ways, such as conquering strongholds or fulfilling specific mission requirements.
  • blue arrow up – Any enemy with this icon means the selected unit will have an advantage when fighting them and can be used to farm XP in FE Warriors: three hopefuls.
  • red arrow down – Conversely, the selected unit will have a disadvantage if it fights an enemy with this icon next to its name.
  • Green and red counters – These indicate how many friendly and enemy units related to the player’s mission remain on the map. Red indicates how many enemies the player must defeat and green indicates how many allies must be kept alive to complete the Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes mission.

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is available on Nintendo Switch.


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