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Message from the Mayor of Flower Mound — July 2022 – Cross Timbers Gazette | Denton County South | mound of flowers

Hello, Flower Mound! It’s summer, which means it’s moving season. New faces are joining us at Flower Mound ahead of the school year, and I’m excited to welcome these new neighbours.

It’s no surprise that people choose Flower Mound. As you probably already know, our city was named the fourth best place to live in the United States by Silveran independent economics site. Silver attributed Flower Mound’s lofty reputation to impressive job growth, excellent high school graduation rates, Lakeside’s thriving business district and economic development, abundance of recreational activities and overall quality of life, including community events like the city’s annual Independence Festival, which drew crowds of around 30,000 in 2021. Flower Mound was the only Texas locality to place in the top 15 from the list.

But that’s not all – Niche recently released their 2022 rankings, and once again Flower Mound received high marks. Niche, an online resource with comprehensive report cards and rankings on neighborhoods, schools and more across the United States, named Flower Mound the #1 “best place to live in Denton County,” the # 4 “best neighborhood to buy a home in the DFW Area”, #8 “Place with the best public schools in Texas”, and #10 “Best suburb to raise a family in Texas”. Wow!

So it’s no wonder families choose Flower Mound. If you are a new resident, I would like to briefly share some great resources that may help you settle into our community. And even if you’ve lived here your whole life, I bet you’ll learn something new!

The city recently revamped its website, and under the Living tab there is now a welcome page for new residents ( On this page you’ll find a wealth of information, starting with our Welcome Guide ( The Welcome Guide is a comprehensive set of information covering everything from utilities and waste and recycling to parks, recreation and community safety. It even has a frequently asked questions section that answers all your burning questions like “Can I host a garage sale?” (Yes! No permit is required, but a garage sale cannot last more than three days, and each household is limited to two per year) or “when is it a sleight of hand ?” (the city doesn’t regulate Halloween activities, so if you have one, check with your HOA for plans in your neighborhood).

The New Residents page also contains links to our Stay Connected resource (, which describes all the ways the City provides information through print, audiovisual and digital media tools. There are obvious things like social media (be sure to follow us!), but I also want to share some great resources that you can customize based on what you want to know. The City has two interactive maps where you can find information on different types of construction projects. Our development board ( lets you search for private development projects by name or location and track where each is in the development process. Have you ever wondered “what’s built there?” Well, this card is for you. Similarly, we have a map for city capital projects (, including street, signage, street reconstruction, facility, park, water, stormwater and wastewater projects. You can sign up to receive notifications when these maps are updated at (“Development Project Schedule Notification” and “Construction Project Update Notification”).

Be sure to check out the Stay Connected page for more ways to engage with the city, including our monthly email newsletters which are delivered straight to your inbox and include all the latest city news; our monthly printed newsletter mailed with utility bills; our emergency alert notification system; and our government access cable channel, FMTV, which airs on Grande Cable Channel 12, Time Warner Cable Channel 16, and Frontier Channel 42, as well as streaming online on

If you’re thinking of moving to Flower Mound but haven’t bought a house yet, I recommend you check out our GIS map (, where you can find zoning, future land use, utilities, and a general outline of the property line. Before bidding on a home, it is important to know as much information as possible about your property and the properties around you, such as floodplains, future land use, or zoning of nearby vacant properties. , and more. This map can help you find all of those answers.

Whether you are a new resident or a seasoned Flower Moundian, I hope you find these resources helpful. And if you’re new to our city, welcome. I’m glad you’re here.