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PA Pride Fruited Sour will be released throughout Pennsylvania on Friday, June 24

After five successful beer releases, the “PA Pride” series returns with a Fruited Sour-style beer set to release throughout Pennsylvania beginning Friday, June 24. For more than a year, PA Pride has become synonymous with celebrating love and pride for the Keystone State and the agricultural industry. The Fruity Sour version of PA Pride will showcase the variety of flavors found in PA agriculture using locally grown ingredients with fruit additions giving this beer its full bodied flavor.

Grains and malt made locally from Deer Creek Malting Plant (West Chester, PA) and King of Prussia, PA based Southern Aroma hops Zuckerman Honickman are featured as some of the key ingredients that bring this beer to life. Peach and pear were used to highlight the robust fruit flavor.

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PA Pride Fruited Sour reaches 5.7% and will be packaged and marketed in 16-ounce cans by more than 20 Pennsylvania breweries that have joined the collaboration. In addition to packaged cans, many of the breweries offering this beer will also offer it on tap. As with all previous releases, this beer’s label features illustrations that encapsulate Pennsylvania’s agricultural landscape.

In addition to some of the locally made ingredients used to produce this beer, the own “Philly Sour Yeastwill also be used. Philly Sour Yeast (as the name suggests) is a special yeast that was isolated in West Philadelphia by a University of Science research team led by Dr. Mathew J. Farber. As the University describes, this yeast “yields beers with bright lactic acidity balanced by a slight sweetness and mouthfeel from the glycerol produced during fermentation.”

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For PA Pride Fruited Sour, small additions of light wheat malt and rolled oats were added for body and mouthfeel. On this canvas, the tart and stone fruit notes created by Philly Sour Yeast mingle with a refreshing and juicy peach and pear puree. Southern Aroma hops add the subtlest hint of floral earth to the aroma of the beer. The flavors of PA Pride Fruited Sour listen to summer classics like sweet and sour peach gummies and elegant bubbly Bellini and will deliver maximum summer refreshment in a can.

This fruity sour beer is already the second PA Pride beer to be released in 2022. In addition to these releases, a Multi-Grain Saison and an Amber Lager are set to be released to the public throughout the year. Be sure to follow for all current and future release details, including a map of all the breweries that will have these beers available for sale.