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StubHub site upgrade causes problems for Chicago Cubs fans

An upgrade to the StubHub site has created problems for some Chicago Cubs fans.

StubHub’s platform underwent an upgrade on June 6 in what was supposed to improve its capabilities. During its implementation, the company expected that certain areas of the site would be damaged. However, the changes triggered a series of issues that affected Cubs fans’ ability to sell and buy tickets.

Major issues included the inability to list season tickets for sale, transfer purchased tickets to the buyer, remove ticket listings, and missing inventory for individual Cubs games. There have also been instances where posted tickets have been wrongly allowed to sell twice.

StubHub removed all MLB ticket listings for games between June 6 and June 9 when they launched the app redesign. Since then, the Cubs’ Tuesday home game against the San Diego Padres has also been deleted and not shown on their site, preventing ticket sales through the fan resale site.

“We have unfortunately seen some bugs resurface since their initial resolution earlier this week,” a StubHub spokesperson told the Tribune. “As with all issues we encountered following the update, we are working to resolve them quickly and daily. The MLB Integration is a sophisticated integration that features a number of co-dependent systems, all of which are essential to achieving a fully reliable and smooth process for both season ticket holders and our buyers. Fixing these issues is our #1 priority.

StubHub anticipates that it will take them the next few weeks for the majority of outages caused by the upgrade to be repaired.

Viagogo bought StubHub from eBay in 2020 and the merger was approved in September. When Viagogo took over, the plan was to combine the best aspects and capabilities of each platform. This required system upgrades on StubHub to create enhanced functionality. In the process, which began last week, site breakages occurred.

StubHub says “issues are being resolved as they arise” and the company believes its original timeline based on weeks for the site to be fully upgraded and operational remains accurate.

In the short term, however, Cubs fans could be affected when selling or buying tickets on the platform.

The Cubs are aware of the situation.

“This issue is certainly not ideal for any customer looking to use the platform and, to be frank, it is downright frustrating and unacceptable from a fan’s perspective,” a spokesperson said. Cubs at the Grandstand. “We certainly share that sentiment. But that said, it’s also important to note that StubHub is a longtime partner. They have certainly been accessible and transparent throughout this process to help resolve this issue. They assured us that they were working very hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible. »

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The Cubs aren’t the only major league team affected. StubHub, an official MLB ticketing partner, said various issues with its platform have affected an unknown number of teams.

“We communicate frequently with StubHub regarding this matter,” MLB said in a statement to the Tribune. “They assured us that they are working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible for the benefit of our fans.”

Some site features are still being implemented, including a rough seating map, which StubHub described as a “multi-week phase.”

For Cubs fans who have been blocked from putting tickets on sale since StubHub’s site issues began on June 7, the issues have been a frustrating obstacle to potentially recouping money for summer games at Wrigley. Field – even during the team’s 10-game losing streak. Breakups on the site have led some Cubs ticket holders to try to sell their tickets on social media over the past week.

It’s not yet clear if StubHub will offer any kind of compensation to fans who tried to sell their tickets.

“We do not guarantee the sale of any listing on our site; however, unique and exceptional cases warrant considerations to support sellers beyond our policy,” a company spokesperson said. “We are actively reviewing where errors have been made with active or completed sales and considering how we can fix this for sellers.”