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Studio Art Tour Highlights Artists in San Antonio

The “On and Off Fredericksburg Studio Art Tour” resumes next weekend.

SAN ANTONIO — The “Studio Tour On and Off Fredericksburg Roadis back in Alamo Town with over 50 artists ready to showcase their work.

“We developed a studio tour to highlight the variety…and just the brilliance of this natural resource that we have here in our neighborhood,” said Kellen McIntyre, executive director of Bihl Haus Arts, a tour sponsor. .

The tour takes place in the heart of San Antonio, off Fredericksburg Road. McIntyre said the area is home to many artists, 55 of whom will be showcasing their work during the tour.

The On and Off tour also gives attendees a behind-the-scenes look where the creative magic happens.

“It’s the only time of year that the artists’ home studios are open, and so you can come in and see how they live and see what art books they collect, and you see their materials and their work,” McIntyre said. .

Different varieties of art will be for sale, and other activities such as musical performances and poetry readings will also be featured.

McIntyre said the tour allows attendees to bond with the artist.

“This work is going to mean more to you because you learned the art directly from the artist,” she said.

To attend the tour, which runs from April 30 to May 1, purchase a catalog that includes a tour map, biographies on each artist, and essays on the seven neighborhoods highlighted on the tour.

If you are interested in attending, visit for more information.