Map sale

Warehouse apologizes for misspellings of Maori place names

The warehouse has issued an apology after selling a poster of a map of Aotearoa which featured several misspelled Maori place names.

Errors on the map included Rotorua spelled Roturua, Paraparaumu as Paraparaumo, and Wairoa as Weiroa.

A company spokesperson said packaging and products containing te reo Māori are normally translated or reviewed by a “certified translator”, but due to teams working remotely, this product was not identified. .

“We apologize to our customers for the incorrect spelling of the Aotearoa place names used on this map.

“We work hard to ensure that we respect and honor te reo Māori across our business, including in the packaging and labeling of our product lines.

“This card was not identified correctly during our process – our teams worked remotely and unfortunately this error occurred.”

Since the company was made aware of the error and removed it from sale, it says it has developed a training module for its merchandise and supply teams on what needs to be checked and why, from the point of view of te reo Māori and tikanga.

The posters had been on sale for about two months.

The posters had been on sale for about two months.

A spokesman for Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori, the Maori Language Commission, welcomed the company’s acknowledgment of its mistakes.

The Commission also encourages any company or agency using te reo Māori to ensure that quality checks are carried out.

“Just as businesses and agencies will check the quality of the English language they use publicly, a quality check of the Maori language they use publicly is also necessary. Mistakes happen when quality checks are not not followed or do not exist.

“We welcome The Warehouse recognizing the need for improved processes and training.”

The Warehouse offers a full refund to any customer who wishes to return their card.