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What redistricting looks like in each state

Forty States – most recently Florida — have now finished redrawing their congressional maps (not counting the six states with a single congressional district). Only four states have yet to finalize a new map: Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire and New York.

Although Republicans entered the redistricting round with control over drawing more districts, it was actually the Democrats who gained the most ground through the process. So far, the redistricting has created seven more Democratic-leaning seats nationally, one more Republican-leaning seat and seven fewer highly competitive seats. This is due to aggressive mapping by Democrats in states such as Illinois as well as court decisions annulling Republican Gerrymanders in Kansas and North Carolina.

However, this is a weaker-than-expected Democratic gain a few weeks agobefore a court invalidated the New York map for too gerrymander and Florida enacted a map that was heavily biased towards Republicans.

And those numbers could still change. Kansas and New York gerrymanders can still be reinstated by each state’s highest court, and courts in other states can also throw out some of the other cards currently in place.